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關於我們 | About us


Who are we?


We are two web development freelancers and coffee enthusiasts who are always looking for cafes to work out of, because we all live in shoebox-sized apartment in Hong Kong. One is a former barista and the other one can’t go one day without coffee. We love café hopping on any given day, be it just people watching or to work on our current projects.


What inspired us?


We see there are only a few well-established websites that provide information about restaurants in town, but there isn’t one that’s dedicated to cafes. In fact, it is not that easy to search for cafes in Hong Kong by just Googling. When we are looking for cafes to go to, we always want to know if their coffee is good, if they have unlimited wifi and if they have power outlets or not to charge our Macbooks. So we decided to fill this gap and we hope you find our website useful. 



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